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welcome to your new family

Novel By: Zoe Yoshikane

Emily had just ran away from her foster home and shes now alone on the streets and deeply injured but a stranger named kevin helps her and gives her a new home and a family full of teenagers! Yes teenagers but what happens when her new family promises her a normal high school life? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 3, 2011    Reads: 47    Comments: 7    Likes: 4   

Welcome to the family

The rain pattered on the ground as my head spun in guiltiness. The car stopped with a wild screech. I flinched as I looked back but I still was running at a fast pace. The women started to run after me breathless but slowly then completely stopped. My face was drained pale and lips were blue from the freezing weather. "Emily please don't run... We will find you a home…" she said yelling so I could hear. I finally stopped my legs and turned around slowly. My tears mixed with the pouring rain. I smiled with farewell. "Good bye… I don't think there will be a home for me…" I said while rubbing some of the tears from my eyes. I already went ten years without my parents from a house fire… Then I started to run again. She stared with worry. I did not dare to look back. I just kept running through these unknown dark streets.

Finally I stopped out of breath. My foot was bleeding from glass I had stumbled on and it looked very deep. It was gushing and oozing. It hurts just by looking at it. I leaned against the graffiti brick wall and slid down until I was sitting. I looked away quickly and pulled pieces of the glass out. Then took my sock and wrapped it around my wound. I gasped with panic and held in my scream. Tears slid down my skin till it hit the ground. From the distance I could see a guy in a hoodie. He looked about my age and very handsome. I did not panic for each step he took closer to me and my pained body. I thought it wouldn't matter since I have nothing to lose. Pulse wouldn't it be better to put me out of my own misery?

He stood and stared into my pained face. I looked away from him as he met my eyes. He was wearing a black hoodie and looked like he was in a gang. He kneeled down to my level getting closer to my face. I was still not scared and wish he would beat me up already. He did not say anything neither did I. I finally met his eyes again. He looked worried which surprised me. How could a person who doesn't even know me give me such pity?

He craned his neck to get a better look at my injured foot. I didn't move a bit. All I was doing was looking at his expression. He pulled me up and carried me. I examined his face with confusion. Is he serious? I squealed trying to squeeze out of his muscular arms. It wouldn't budge and the scary part was he did not say anything the whole time! His body was surprisingly warm and welcoming. I clenched to his jacket to put my ear against his heart. His beat had a slow and calm rhythm. He just kept walking making sure he did not touch my wounded foot. For some reason I felt safe with me in his arms. How could I? I knew nothing about him.

He kept walking in the pouring rain and did not look exhausted one bit. I blinked my eyes while looking at the sky. The rain drizzled and soaked my shivering face. I did not try to struggle out of the arms of this stranger. I did not move or say a word… I already felt dead inside. No home or family to run and grip to. No happy memories… No life to live pretty much… He soon stopped and sat me on a bench. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. He whispered when the person answered and his face shown slight concern.

Soon he walked back to my side after his long conversation. He starred into my eyes with interest. I looked away after how awkward I felt. "Well my name is Kevin… and don't worry… I will take care of your wound." He said softly. I did not speak I just stared at the moon that illuminated our faces. Just then a car quickly stopped beside us. The head lights caught our attention.

Some other people hopped out of the car and slammed the door behind them. There stood two girls and two boys. They all unveiled their faces from their hoodies. I stared in amazement and confusion. They did not look like they were in a gang just some high school students. The flashy blonde twirled her hair in a girly manner. "Well… where did you find her?" she spoke with a squeaky musical voice. "I really don't remember all I know is her foot is deeply injured and she was alone." He said with worry. My eyes were getting sleepy but the rain kept me wide awake. The geeky looking one stared in horror. "This girl her foot she's losing a lot of blood!" They starred with great concern and ran over to my side. Kevin rushed to me and moved my body in the back seat of the car. All of them were trying to keep me awake. All I wanted to do was sleep… I was so tired… They squeezed my freezing hand and wrapped me in warm blankets. My eyes were slowly closing the warmth was so soothing.

They screamed for me not to go to sleep they pleaded and begged. Kevin rushed me into the bright hallways of the emergency room in the hospital. The bright light blinded me as I squinted trying to see Kevin's face. Soon the nurses pinned me down and rushed me to the operating room. I could hear Kevin in the background telling the nurses to take care of me. He was holding my hand tightly. Soon he let go by force of the security. My pain started to disappear and my eyes fluttered shut. The cozy warmth was too hard to resist.

I woke up in a daze with soft clouds as the rain of pearly white feathers tickled my skin. I looked at my foot hoping it would not look as painful but nothing was there. I smiled in amazement and then stared in confusion. What... How? My foot…. I slowly stood and my balance was perfect without a single flaw. I walked on the beautiful snow like clouds. I skipped with joy. I've never felt so happy before.

Very thing was so perfect. So this is heaven…. I kept walking and soon stopped with amazement. Trees covered with white and champagne colored blossoms as they slowly fell to the cloudy floor. Also mist from the waterfall that a rainbow reflected off of. Everything took my breath away…. Is this a dream? I didn't really care… I wanted to be here forever. The smile would not disappear from my face.

I bet my parents are here to. I ran around looking for a trace of another person. Nothing appeared…. I sat in frustration. Was I alone? That thought haunted my mind. Just until, two figures slowly approached out of the gleaming light. I raced my way to them as I noticed they were my long lost parents. I cried with a faint smile on my face. "Mom…. Dad" I screamed at the top of my lungs. They smiled with tears in their eyes. I ran and gave them the strongest hug I could ever give. They gripped tightly we all felt like we never wanted to let go. My mother creased my cheek softly. "Ooh Emily you look so grown up and beautiful." She said smiling still with many tears in her eyes. Ooh how I missed their gentle smile.

We all pulled away from the hug. My dad was crying like a little girl. We all laughed as he tried to hide it. "M-mom… D-dad… I love you guys…" I said with tears pouring out of my eyes. They broke out crying again. "Emily we love you s-so much." They said at the same time with a shaky voice. My parents grasped me for another tight hug. I never want to leave this moment in my life. "Mom, Dad I want to stay with you guys forever." I stared in their pained eyes. "Emily… we…" My father started to say with a beat down voice. I hooked my eyes to their expression. "What… is g-going on?" I said with a worried expression

My mother's voice turned so weak it pained me to hear it. "Emily…. It's not your time…" My hearts beat was fastening and I did not want to accept her words. "M-mom, D-ad… What do you mean it's not my time?" My voice was at a whisper. My mother fell to the floor in pain as my father tried to calm my mother down. "You need to go back… to earth… you need to live there." My father said as he looked away not wanting to see my face. "D-dad… I can't I never want to be separated from you both…" My mother griped to my arm. "You will be with us again but… You have time to live life on earth. Her words were so fragile and withered. "M-mom, D-dad…" They walked to my frozen body and kissed my forehead. I could feel their tears press against my head… My eyes were starting to close; I tried to stop it but soon… My gate to heaven closed shut.

My eyes fluttered wide open. I squinted at the bright light. I slowly sat up. I stared at my arms in confusion they were hooked to a machine. I tugged at them with irritation. I was also wearing an oxygen mask. I took them all off and tried so get up. Then I stumbled to the floor with pain. My foot triggered my whole body to ache. Kevin woke up out of the chair beside me. The others also ran in with surprised reaction.

"Emily! You're awake!" Kevin yelled and ran to my side. "Y-you guys…" the dark hair girl giggled. "Ha-ha you don't know our names?" she sounded like an air head with her squeaky voice. The blonde one interrupted. "OF COURSE SHE DOESENT KNOW! WE HAVENT TOLD HER!" she yelled with anger for her stupidity. She started to whimper like a little puppy. That caught all the others attention. They tried to calm the dark haired girl down then yelled at the blonde. I giggled as they were acting so childish. They stared at my expression and started to laugh. They all acted like they were being caught in the act of being silly.

"Well my name is Trixie." The blonde said while flipping her golden hair from her face. Soon they all started to answer. "W-well my name is Jared." The geeky one said as he pushed on his glassed so they were secure. Soon the dark haired one spoke. "I'm Isabel with an I." she smiled as she giggled randomly. Then a guy jock obviously from wearing a football tee shirt and had some mussel. "My name is Jordan." He said smoothly by moving the hair out of his face. Then Kevin helped me up and softly whispered. "Welcome to the family… Emily." I blushed as he pulled away. That day I knew my parents put me in good hands. That was just the start of my life.... But tomorrow my new family is going to help me get into their high school….


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