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the green rose

By: zombiequeen116

Chapter 1, i found the rose which led me to him. my boyfriend jona and i love him but i dont think her loves me so to prove my love i do what ever he wants him to do

                             The Green Rose



                                                                                                              Chapter 1 the flower



                                                                           I was wandering through the forest. Why? Because I wanted a break. I’m tired of all this drama. My head hurts. He broke my heart and I am done. I can’t stand them.  He is the most I hate. I went to the riverside that is in the middle of the vast forest. I wandered around trying to find a way across the river. I wandered in farther into the vast forest. I heard a tree fall in a swoosh. I screamed. I turned and another tree fell in front of me. I went to the right and ran. A rock came and hit me in the back of my head. It was a huge rock. As I slowly passed out I heard shrikes of thunder and lighting. I slowly blacked out. As the world around me floated away I swear I thought I saw a plant sprout of the bush right in front of me.





                                                                  I awoke to the feel of rain. All the trees were gone. I swear it was real but I can hardly remember what had happened while I was running. But why does my head hurt so? If it was but a dream. I have no answers. I stood up wobbly almost tipped over in the process. I looked at the place where the plant sprouted yesterday. It was dark but I could still see the lime green glow of the rose that was there. I pulled it off the root. I put it in my jacket pocket and started walking home. I could find my way to town and from there to home. But risk them knowing I was gone. They would take me to a therapist.  I can’t go through town like this . I put my hood up and went home.



                                                                                 I heard my father stand up and run down the stairs.  “ Elizabeth?” my father called from the kitchen. “ Yeah dad I’m home. I was down at the riverside.” I said while I took off my jacket. “Honey, your head; it’s bleeding! Get the keys I’m driving her to the hospital. Now!” he yelled up the stairs to my mom. I groaned in protest. I was put into the front seat and we drove off. I put my hands into my pockets because I got really cold. I pulled out the rose. “ Where’d  you get that” asked my dad. I shrugged. I looked out my window and layed my head on the head rest.


                                                                  We arrived at the hospital and I got out. “ Dad? I don’t feel so well.” I fell as I said this line. I felt the world fade away as the pain in my head faded away. I dreamt that I was lying by the river bed and it was snowing. A flower was on the ground next to me. I turned and propped my head up with my palm. I used the other hand to touch the flower, and it was warm. I mean like warm. I pulled a petal off an it went frozen. I shuddered in cold. I realized that the pedal was dead. It turned to a shade of grey. It crumpled in my hand and diminished to dust. “ Elizabeth wake up.” I heard the voice. I sat up and looked around. There was no one in sight. “ Hello?” I called out. The dream suddenly changed. It got really dark and noisy. There were hundreds of whispering voices. Echoing making so much noise. I grabbed the sides of my head and screamed. “ Shut up!!!!” I screamed. I need to get out, I ran just ran I couldn’t get anywhere else. Just the fields. Over and over again. “ Elizabeth you need to get up.” I heard the voice again. But louder this time. I can’t get up and the voices were getting louder. And suddenly I jolted awake.

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