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Poetry By: 797JT

I found what I thought was love, lost it shortly after.

Submitted:Mar 25, 2013    Reads: 18    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

I miss your blue eyes. How they almost darken and get heavy when we're getting physical. I miss how your lips mold with mine, and the way you suck on my top lip. The taste and feel of your salvia drying on my mouth. I miss the compliments you give when our bodies are touching: "I like when your legs wrap around my waist." "Of course I'm turned on by someone like you." "You really do look nice today." I miss how your cheeks blush red when you're out in the cold or sometimes when you're looking at me. I miss running my fingers through your silky hair, tugging on it when you made me feel extra special. I miss how you stand close to me, with your hands shoved in your pockets. I miss how you pull me into your lap. I miss your strength. I miss how you break the tension with a joke or by tickling me. I miss how you force your hands down my pants and watch my reaction. The way your fingers stroke me and how you whisper "that's wet" as if you're surprised. I miss quoting the same movies to each other. I miss your scent. God I do so much. I'm considering buying the cologne myself, just to have something to remember you by. I miss the way you walk. It's a goofy walk, like you're trying too hard, but all the same, it's adorable. I miss how blunt you are. I miss you eating in front of me and making fun of you because there's food on your face or you spill. I miss how I always told you no, but you kept trying until you got your way. I miss how you think you've got life so figured out. I miss hearing you talk about how much you dislike your sister. I miss you talking about your parents. I miss how honest you were, which could make me so happy or hurt me so much. I miss how good you were at lying. I miss how you made me think. I miss the way your big hands grab my waist and you force your thigh between mine and start sliding me across it. It doesn't benefit you but you can tell I'm loving it. I miss how your lips part on my neck and you suck gently, but you never leave a hickey. I miss getting a call from you every night. I miss feeling your hips arch when I take you in my mouth. And you guide me through it with such patience. I miss your whispering. I miss how offended you look when I don't give you a kiss goodbye. I miss your dog, because as you said, she liked me and it was rare for her to like strangers, especially females. I miss you driving me home. I miss you making fun of me. I miss your laugh. I miss being able to look at you and think, "I'm so lucky he's mine." Because now I look at you and I can only think, "What did I do to lose him?" I've been sitting here, thinking, and I have to ask myself... Was it really love, Or just lust? was I in love with simply the thought of you? Or was I in love with the idea of love itself? I don't know if I'll ever know.


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