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Kiss Me in the Rain

By: AemmaBella

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Just a kiss for these aching lips 

For desire is aching all through my hips 

Only for do I have these for, and it burns me so deeply 

I am running out of time.

The rain is going, don''t waste it baby

Just kiss me in the rain douse these flames

My body desires your smooth, safe touch

Across my back, and down my waist,

This storm is key and you are the sun 

Kiss me in the rain with no more delay

Lock me up inside your kiss, I only want your stolen kiss.

Warm my blood with your gentle caress- 

You fingers on my cheek; your body close to mine 

My fingers in your hair, my lungs in need of air. 

Tease me softly, don't make it too complex 

I just want that caress- your oh so humorous zest

Kiss me in the rain- oh! - douse this aching pain.

Warm my blood with your lips- I see you near my hips-

Oh! how daring is this! 

Kiss me in the rain one final time

Before we say goodbye, and I cast you aside

Oh this will only be a one time high 

Until we meet again in ten years time. 


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