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I Need To Know What Happened!!!

By: aprilmelton33

Page 1, It is a poem about how a break up may be and how it may feel after words.

When I look into your eyes,

I see the boy that I love,

But do you see the same thing,

That I see.


I need to know,

Where we are now??


At night,

I can’t sleep,

Cause I keep seeing you,

With some other chick,

That is all over my mind.


You were always in my dreams,

And you always will,

Be on my mind.


It does not matter,

Who you are,

Just as long,

As you love me!!!


If you love me,

Than I will love you,

No matter what will ever happen,

I will always “Love You!”


As the years,

Passes us by,

We grow apart.


Then the next thing I know,

You are saying,

That you never wont to see me again.


I might have cried a little,

But Now,

I wont to know what happened to us,

We said,

That we would be together forever,

But I guess that we was wrong.


I need to know what happened between us,

I will always “Love You”

No matter what!!!

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