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Im So In Love With You But What Do I Do?

By: aprilmelton33

Page 1, What do you do when you love someone so much, but then you just cant tell them how you feel. Thats about my poem, but I know now telling someone how you feel can be wonderful when the best part is that they love you back!!!

I’m So In Love With You But What Do I do?


I’m in love with you,

Your all I can think about,

I cant sleep,

I cant eat,

I feel so helpless without you,

I love you more than anything,

But do you feel the same way,

You wont tell me how you really feel,

All you say is you should know,

I wont to be loved,

All I wont is for you just to tell me that I am all you can think about,

Can you just tell me how you feel,

I cant stand not knowing any longer,

Because I love you more than anything,

But I think that maybe in long run we are a lot alike,

I cant tell you how I feel too,

I don’t wont you to know,

Because if you do,

Than I will be setting myself up for a fall,

I don’t wont to be broken anymore,

I think I understand,

You may feel the same way that I do,

You don’t wont to set your self up for a fall,

Well let me tell you now there will never be a chance for that,

Because I love you more than anything I just don’t know what to do,

I wish I knew how you felt about me!!!


By: April Danielle Melton

January 18, 2007




























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