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I like the way you are

By: ashi17

Page 1, This poem is perfect expreesion of a person who welcomes a new person in his or her life with mixed feelings of love and insecurity.

The way you introduced yourself,
met me in a warm way,
welcomed me in your life,
I like the way you are.

I was very scared and nervous,
my silent eyes were full of fear,
you relaxed me and made me smile,
I like the way you are.

Your touch added colours
and sweetness in my life,
your appreciation, boosted my confidence,
I like the way you are.

We held each other's hand,
felt lost in beauties of nature,
hoping that journey will never end,
I like the way you are.

Sometimes I get upset,
thinking that everything ends,
I just want to make a request,
never ever change your love for me.

I know you are understanding,
caring and a good friend of mine,
there are so many reasons, why,
I like the way you are.

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