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Memories take my breath away ...

By: beautyforever4u

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Memories take my breath away...


Memories take my breath away 

Every time I dream about you,

I feel a little pain, I won't deny the truth.

I see a scene in my head

It's about two of us

Only me and you play the main role.


Oh, how I want those moments back 

Just to feel again I'm staying alive, 

I remember the tenderness of your arms around my waist, 

And kiwi fruits to my bed every morning.

Dancing under the poor rain and never getting cold, 

With tour lips touching mine 

You said: "I'm unique".

Laying on the ground with you, under the shooting stars, 

We both wished to never leave each other.


Taking pictures of my face in the million expressions you would say:

"I'm beautiful".

I remember every beat of your heart would rhyme mine

And I would give away everything, 

Just to hear that melody of singing our hearts together again.


I remember how I tried to write your name in the clouds,

But wind won't let me.

Trying to write how much I loved you on the sand,

But waves would wash everything away. 

And like an every movie has an end,

My peace of moment has it. 




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