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You left me blined

By: BitterBitesFromTheHurt

Page 1, Hell on earth .

God it hurts So damn bad . Cupis stabbed me with his dagger And left me scared for my life I mean why did he leave me ? Here i am complaning crying dying And there he is with his new girl So happy . Why cant i be happy Im hooked on you ill admit it I miss you ill admit it But i will never show it never It burns to think about what once was Blood and tears i shed for you Your the reason i cut you always where ! Screaming trying to let it all out Shaking at the dramatic scence I say im done but you know im not you read me like a book Always knowing what im thinking I hate you i say But you cry for ne everyday dont you zianni Stop ! I hate this feeling im unwanted by you the person i need the most You .

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