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My midnight fantasy

By: Calzzy

Page 1, I jst though 1 nite abt writing sumtin abt ha(nt like she exists)buh ya she does,in my dreams and fantasy,i knw id meet her someday,mayb nt nw but someday,hope you like it

You took my heart,o fair lady.and whilst you sat,you called me baby.i long to hear your voice,though you're nothing but dreams and chants.but oh! my fair lady you mean so much to me than those ive met in true life.i might never have touched you,or held your hands,but the feeling i get when i fantascize doing such is beyond what words can explain.your charming smile granted you easy access to my imaginary world,your spectacular attitude,made you surpass the turmoils i brought our way,and when i close my eyes,its you i see in the midst of the dear reader,this might not sound like the nicest use of words you've heard but thats because these are the only words that can duly describe my fair lady,and though ive never met her before,i know someday i will and she wouldnt be only just a dream,she would be a will.sleep tight my fair lady

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