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Paintings in the Canvas of My Heart.....

By: Chiqui

Page 1, Painting pictures of my lady is the favourite time of my day. dedicated to: One beautiful woman I Love with all of me

Paintings in the Canvas of My Heart
By: Chiqui
In the deep of the night
When no one is in sight
My favourite place to be
Where it is only you I can see
Looking at the pages in my heart
On a canvas I created you from the very start
Your eyes they remind me of sunshine
Bright and warm
Your rosy lips remind me of ripples on a Brooke
Soft and tender
Your hair lets me think of soft white clouds
In skies of blue
Your face so beautiful like a pink rose in bloom
                            A petal like velvet soft and smooth
Your hands remind me of your passionate touch
Playing a lovers tune on a piano
Your legs firm, sexy and inviting as you walk
Portraying such body language
Your sensual and gorgeous body
That of an elusive butterfly
Your breasts with rosy hard nipples
Much sweeter than wine
Your voice that of an angel
Singing a lullaby
For me you are perfect in every way
In my heart your painted picture will always stay.

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