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Her Heart Was Pitch Black

By: Chrysta

Page 1, I opened my heart....

I opened my heart to you,

I cut myself open and bled for you.

I spilled my soul and offered it all,

And for all that, you never cared at all.

I thought you were beautiful but your heart is black.

I was trapped in your spell,

My life became a living hell.

Days and nights became years,

Slowly, through those lonesome, dark, tragic tears,

What was left of my own heart drained away and rotted into black.

I never forgot what it was like to kiss your sweet lips, 

Yet then again; my heart was doing turns and twists,

Still, through my pain only you could I miss.

I was bleeding, screaming; left alone in a world devoid of hope.

As my sorrow grew, I wished for a rope around my neck to choke.

As it strangled me I feel lt  last remnants of my love, 

Cut away cleanly,

As easily as my brain seperated from my heart. 

Bulging, bulbous, my eyes can no longer see you there preening.

My brain cannot lie awake dreaming and feeling.

My heart is no longer beating,

Just bleeding.



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