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Shattered Desire

By: clsiegfried

Page 1, Love, Heartbreak, Pain

Laying awake,
Thinking a thousand thoughts.
Stearing in the dark,
Analyzing all the faults.

Many mistakes made,
Each slowly tearing all apart.
Know some have been stupid,
Some even avoidable from the start.

Crying at night,
Crying a thousand tears.
Imagining how it would have been,
Would have been if he were here.

Heat and desire flowing,
Imagination running wild.
Feeling his caress,
Taken to that extra mile.

Sweating and moaning,
Going to the very limit.
His picture in mind,
The beds lonely without him in it.

Crying and dieing,
Picturing him with her.
Walking down the street.
Walking together.

She's always been there.
Knowing from the start.
Got too attached,
And broke the heart.

In the mind,
He'll always remain.
He's the one,
Who caused all the pain.

She needed him,
Needed him more.
He left in an instant,
walked out the door.

The choice was made,
The heart was broken.
The tears were cried,
The words were spoken.

It's over now,
He left for her.
The triangle’s broken,
Nothing else astir.

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