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The 2nd

By: clsiegfried

Page 1, I wrote this when i was in 9th grade. It can be confusing but its about the pain of being the other woman and always coming in 2nd.

The 2nd

She sits back and watches,
Nothing else she can do.
They are together again,
Her heart is breaking.
At one time it was fine,
The Other didn't bother her,
Now it's tearing her apart.

When she's with him ,
The other doesn't exist.
He talks to her sweet,
It's a dream come true.

The plan was to visit,
But he didn't make it.
Dissappointment slowly became saddness,
Then confussion.
All the voices....
He's gonna use you.....
He's a player....
He's a sweet heart...
He's gonna leave her...
Which one is right?

She tells herself,
The Other doesn't matter.
When she's with him it's heaven.

He tells her she's pregnant,
Her heart grows black.
The need inside,
Is growing stronger.
He swears he's not the father.
She's dieing to believe him.

Jr. is here,
Daddy is wonderful,
Mommy is beautiful,
she is at the window crying.

He's leaving her,
Packing his bags,
Taking the baby.
They had a fight,
so he spent the night.
Laying in his arms,
She cries silently.
Finally, after two years.

The wedding is in two weeks,
Till death do them part.
It's driving her mad.
She needs him,
deserves him more than her.

Sitting in the last pew.
Her life passes before her eyes.
She raises a hand,
In an instant He belongs to her,
As the darkness inside,
Grows out.
She's in his arms at last,
She knew she would be.
She swore from the beginning,
That he'd be hers,
By the day she died........

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