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Sensual Love(graphic)

By: cmccoy

Page 1, How great the union can be when you are truly in more games, one nighters, just you and your love forever. Sex should be something shared with only your significant other and it should always be this intense.

It’s the love you left on my lips

It’s your hands on my hips

Moving gently, slowly in the night

This type of pleasure I won’t fight.

It’s the crisp winter air passing through me

It’s how you make me feel so free.

Grasping for any piece of skin

To feel your soul deep within

It’s the full moon and crimson red glow

It’s the sensuality and passion you show

Longing, waiting for that explosion

The intense, rhythmic motion.

It’s the beautiful connection

It’s how we show our affection

Coming together, our souls are bound

True love and happiness we have found.

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