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How Can You Save Me From This Pain

By: Colby

Page 1, This is how I feel right now, I feel like I can\'t get out of pain from every person.


Everythings getting harder,

Such as my chest that you put your head on,

The one you put your hands on,

The one that got stabbed multiple times,

The tears will eventually fall down,

The blood will trickle,

The life I have will not matter anymore,

Your all that matters to me,

I need to survive,

I need to live,

I'm sorry I couldn't be alive for you,

You make me feel alive but I feel dead,

I can't see you anymore,

I don't wanna say good-bye,

I wanna see you all the time,

To escape my pains,

You have never told me good-bye,

And yet I'm crying when I look at you,

Or your pictures,

Or your smile,

Or see someone you know,

I tore my heart,

Without you being near me,

You told me not to do it,

But I did either way,

Because I couldn't trust myself,

I want to sing to you,

But my voice is cracking,

It's hurting to think about you,

I just wanna end it now,

Before something terrible happens to you,

Since you were my one love,

You were the one I wanted to marry,

The one that is perfect,

But I don't deserve you,

I'm a poet that you don't understand,

I wanna be one you understand,

And now I have to leave,

And burn myself

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