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Wedding Rings Mean Alot

By: Colby

Page 1, The title doesn\'t mean to be married, it\'s just of how you feel when your loved and you finally think you found the one for you.

Life full of hopes,

Life full of promises,

Nothing in pain,

Once you showed me,

That ring that you wore on our graduation ceremony,

The one I bought for you,

The one I told you I loved you with,

The one I asked you to be with me forever,

Since we're living together,

Does that mean we're together forever,

Does that mean we're in love,

Does that mean I finally found the one for me,

I'm hoping that I finally found someone,

Since I'm not that great,

But I want you to know I'll always love you,


And ever,

No matter what happens I'll love you,

Your different from the rest,

You know how to make me fall in your arms,

The way you say "I love you" to me,

You make me melt,

To be with you,

And maybe I'm not gonna get hurt this time around,

But I gotta let you know I love you

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