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a man hiered to train a woman becomes as unttamable as she

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Kat Girl
It was a simple life she could eat, sleep, and bathe whenever she wanted. Except when her sensei came to visit. He didn't visit often but when he did it was mostly just to watch her. She could ask for anything and he would provide hr with most of the things she asked for. She grew quickly and sometimes was allowed to play with others like herself. They're where few but she hadn't been forced to mate with a male yet. She could play that was the greatest pleasure, to see her play. She's seen him give himself pleasure before. He watches her all the time recently. "Sharia " he would whisper now and then. "Sharia" she liked it, it was a pretty word. She liked to repeat it to herself while she bathed or dreamt of him.
That night everything would change. She was playing by herself, it's not as fun by herself but it works. Sensei gave her toys last time he visited. He showed her how to use them, she enjoyed them.
She was playing with them that night. She didn't want to wear clothes that day he wasn't there that day. She didn't have to, she was lying on her bed, she moved it in and out of her. "Oha" she liked the toys one was twirly, one shook and one had balls stacked on each other. A door opened it was him. She sat up with the toys still in place. "S...sensei" "your not wearing clothes" he said, she looked down. "I…it was hot sensei." He smiled "sharia" she looked up at him "your using my gifts." He was pleased, she nodded "I like them I play with them a lot." He smiled a kind smile, and approached the bars. "Come to me" she got on her knees and went to him. "Aha" she pressed against it "you don't want me?" she gasped at him "s..sensei" he smiled a lock of long black hair fell in his face. He frowned and released her. Her legs gave out she sat on the bed as he tangled through a chain of keys and unlocked the door. She watched him closely, he stalked over to her he towered over her. He pinned her down to the bed with her arms over her head. " It doesn't matter if you want me you'll like it like you where bred to." She gasped at him, she didn't understand. He was talking funny, differently than normal, "they wanted me to tame you but how do I tame something that makes me wild." She stared at him wide eyed suddenly it made sense. "S…. Sensei do…. Do u want to play with me?" he smiled and laughed she felt her heart flutter. He leaned down cupping he face and kissed her. She began to hold him and caress him. He pulled her close to him, "se…Sensei do you have your toy in your pocket?" he shook his head "no I don't have my toy in my pocket" she smiled and pressed herself against him. "sensei I can feel it" he smiled " that isn't a toy that's called a penis, you would call it a cock or my dick." She smiled she liked learning "you use it like a toy." She smiled even bigger "teach me sensei." he laid her down and took off his pants. He took off his jacket and shirt but left on his tie. He laid down on top of her and pressed his bulge against her. The cloth absorbed her fluids.
He cursed and she smiled and laughed. "what are you laughing at?" "you have a dirty mouth sensei." He smiled "just around you" she suddenly yelped, his cock had jumped from his undershorts and was pressing against her. " did I scare you ?" he was mocking her, teasing her. She heard it in his tone. Her vision was blurry, "sensei…..I…I'm scared." he pressed his erotic leathery tongue against hers. He pressed into her, she screamed into his mouth. He bobbed in her " shhh" he cooed. "Just relax sharia" his hand caressed her stomach, her muscles began to except the intrusion. The pain immediately became pleasure. He began to kiss her neck, "oha sensei." She began to moan as he worked it in and out of her. He brushed his teeth against her neck. He guided her legs around his waist. He rested his arms above her shoulders. She burrowed her face into his muscled shoulder. She held fast to his back as her nails began to dig into him. This brought him pleasure.
He began to move faster more relentlessly, pleasure shook her body. She screamed into him, her nails dug into him. He pounded harder, her body tensed, her toes curled. Pleasure rocketed through her body, she felt a warm liquid spill from his penis as it shrank. "Oh god sensei"


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