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I'll Sleep Tonight

By: elegantbleeding

Page 1, Late night conversations that happen before we fall asleep...

Just another night alone,
But loneliness doesn't creep.
No, not tonight.
Your voice keeps me company
From far away,
And with each soft whisper,
Ghosts dart in fear of you.
My spirit trembles.
I can feel it-
My pulse, quickening,
In spite of itself.
You don't even have to say anything
Speak of boiled eggs, for all I care,
Just let your voice caress me
Like a gentle stream.
Let your thoughts tickle me.
For tonight,
You will be the last thing I think about.
I will see your face before I fall asleep.
Not even distance can separate us.
Goodnight, Honey-
Yes, I'll sleep well...
For you.

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