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Death to us

By: Emmie x

Page 1, We\'re inseperable, we\'re in love. But you\'ve got to prepare yourself for the worst, wether you can cope with it or not. But I don\'t want to see you die, I don\'t want to be without you

Tears ran down my face

You lay, staring, with those beautiful eyes

I'm sorry, I whispered

I dont mind, you replied

The hospital was white

And so was your face

You were scared for me

As I was scared for you

I could feel the illness

Let it surge in my blood

I was ready to die

I was ready to say goodbye

To everything

But you

How would you cope

Without me?

We were two together

You couldn't get one without the other

If I was gone

There you be no two

Only you

Could you cope?

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