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By: foldingover

Page 1, Dealing with being away from what you do not want to be away from.

Apparently when you hear the words I love you

You don’t know how to act

It’s a wonder how your boyfriends lasted

Having to deal with that


Maybe he’s never told you

Or has told you without the meaning

If it’s done to him

What it’s done to me

Those reply-less gestures

Ripped away all feeling


To realize you’ll no longer be around

Is a hard concept for me to bare

But after all you put me through

Apart from you I’ll tear


The nights that I have laid in bed

Staring at the ceiling

The time and all the thoughts of you

I work so hard on concealing

To realize it is my sanity

Away from me you are stealing

Now and now alone

Without you I am dealing


I’m sure when I get put back together

And life becomes more clear

By the end, I’d have found someone

And never lost a tear


Secretly I am done with you

But you taught me to be to nice to tell

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much

If I didn’t crash so hard when I fell


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