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Forever Entwined.

By: FrozenDreamer

Page 1, A poem about love...

Everything began with a kiss and a touch.

Fiery arguments, burned into heated embraces,

Angry words, blazed into confessions of love.

A single glance, feels like an eternity when gazing in your eyes.


We say we can't, we say we shouldn't,

Then we break, my strength vanishes,

I see your own morals snap as we come together,

Wrapped in our shared love.


Stolen kisses, snatched from daily life,

Secret touches, the merest brushing of fingertips,

Hidden from the glaring eyes of reality.

A gentle brush of a hand, longing glances held for just a minute.


Then when we are alone,

Our hands entwine, neither wants to let go first,

You hold me in your arms when the sun sets,

Protecting me from monsters and nightmares alike.


I will love you forever,

Even if no one else will ever know.

You will always live in my heart.

Until the end of time and beyond,

My very soul will be entangled with yous.

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