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The Night You Said You Loved Me.

By: FrozenDreamer

Page 1, A truly magical night...

The moon shines high in the sky,

Accompanied by the shimmering stars.

The wind is soft, just a brush of air across my face.

It reminds me of the night you said you loved me.


I will forever remember how you looked that night.

How your eyes glittered like the stars above,

How you took my hand, smiling, your broad shoulders squared.

How you said 'I love you'

And the way the wind seemed to carry your words

For the rest of the night to hear.


I will never forget the way my heart stopped,

I do not lie, I could feel it pause in my chest.

And your smile grew, as if you could hear it.

I will never forget the way your eyes shone when I said,

'I love you too.'


The moon was radient but at the same time soft,

Watching over our magical scene.

I will never forget that night,

The night you said you loved me.

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