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Animal Instinct

By: FyresydeHerbalyst

Page 1, It might be a little much for this catagory, but it wasn\'t really erotica.

The instinct in me seems to go crazy
Everytime I see you laying there lazy
My heart begins to pound in my ears
No more does my body hold fears
With you there my heart starts to pound
In your arms is where I want to be found
Pull me close and tease me so
Become naked with me and let me go
Soon my lips will seek yours
Laying there naked seems to open all doors.

And with the animal passion in me
Grab me rough to drive me crazy
My hands rub up and down your back
You push in and out, energy you don't lack
Our bodies mingle my muscles terse
As you cum your energy will dispurse
I roll you over and push you within
Making you moan and your head spin
I get you off again and again
To bed, to bed is where we meet our end.

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