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Lovely Liz

By: ghoul24

Page 1, This is to my Liz. :\')

To my Liz

Obviously I’m not the best to you

Because sometimes I hurt you

And in fact

It’s what I always try to avoid

Hurting you, I mean

I love you very much Liz

And if I’m not enough

Please say so

Seeing as I fear losing you

Simply because there’s always someone better out there

Someone who’s a better choice for you

Rather than sticking with me

You’ve made me happy a number of times

We share so many common interests

My love for you is always serious

At first we were simple friends

We progressed to siblings

And soon enough I confessed

I confessed that I love you

Liz, I know I do not always make you happy

Sometimes I make you sad because of my foolishness

But I truly love you

I hope you know that

Because even if you leave me

I won’t leave you

Only because

I love you.

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