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Always Roses, Always Music

By: glitter snow426

Page 1, Wonderful, radiant joy for a very lucky, happy couple and this special day is perfect as their love!

Always Roses, Always Music

To celebrate an anniversary is warmly sweet

A party near a June garden, chocolate cake treat

At dusk, the couple slow dance to a soft melody

Everyone eyes, Bob and Shelly, they look so happy

After, when the guests leave, Bob hands a gift, flowers

His wife sees a lace nightgown, lust is splendid hours

They giggle, Shelly reads her poetry for their big day

It's, Always Roses, Always Music, thrilled to say

In honour of twenty years, Bob kisses her tenderly true

"My dream is fulfilled because of precious, lovely you!"

This is heartwarming, they show love's jewel, romantic picture

Their kids, Kim, Rachel and Josh, truly make life richer

Beautiful roses, music, hearts so bliss, it all started with that first look, kiss!

Vincey Delaney

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