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Oatmeal, Rice and Holiday Decorating

By: glitter snow426

Page 1, I wanted to write something fun and different for our lovely soon anniversary.

Oatmeal, Rice and Holiday Decorating


Yes, I love oatmeal, soupy good, I’m fussy

Very moist, no lumps, made just for me

Oatmeal makes me content!

I go crazy for rice vegetables, close to a stew

This is delicious, must try, you’ll like it too

Rice makes me content!

Whenever a holiday comes, I decorate the wall

I feel the joy to celebrate big, like a tower so tall

Holiday decorating makes me content!

I look at my wedding photo, wow, time flies

You and I so young, happiness in our eyes

We have built a home, three boys in a warm nest

Ups and downs throughout, stay together is a test

An anniversary is enjoyment, good oatmeal, delicious rice and fun decorating, mostly remembering!!

Lesper Brown is someone sweet, he makes me laugh

Happy thirty first hubby, you are truly my better half!

30 years, wonderful and fun

31years is special like the sun

April Love 1980-2011

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