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Love Me Not.

By: Haineko14

Page 1, I wrote this originally for a contest. This is about a someone who utterly denies loving another person in the beginning. As the story goes on the person finds out their love is forbidden, and well I\'ll leave the rest to your imagination! I know it\'s dark, but that was the theme of the contest, so yeah.

Love me not

As I can not love you, like you love me.

I never will, because

We are just not meant to be.

This beautiful yet tragic

Red rose, you gave to me so lovingly

Will wither up and die,

with your blood spread around it, and

As I watch you suffer in agony

You'll surely haunt me for all eternity.

Love me not

As I can not love you, like you love me

I never will, because

I can't even wish to be held by you.


Wrapping my arms around you...touching you


We are not meant to be.

This wonderful yet terrifying,

love you wished to give me, so affectionately

Will surely fade with time, and

I can't help but

remember those warm tears flowing

down your gorgeous, miserable face,

So now

I'll watch you suffer in agony,

then maybe you'll haunt me for all


Love me,


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