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For Her, No appology

By: Hamp

Page 1, This is a poem I wrote on another site. I wrote quite a few about my wife, I call her RED, or my RedNeck Squaw. This explains a couple lines in this poem. For people that don't know.


You folks may tire, time after time,

Of my Red Necked squaw, you find in my lines.

And though I jest, of my red necked squaw,

From her pot o’ beans, to the size of her bra,

Rest assured, she’s my light.

She’s my warmth, of many cold nights.

She’s my point, when I need a guide.

She’s my haven, when my way is tried.

She’s my strength, when I need to be brave.

She’s my soul, when I need it saved.

She’s my woman, when I’m a man.

She’s my ground, on which I stand.

She’s the reason, of my door.

She’s all this, and so much more,

She’s everything, for which I stand,

Without my squaw, I’m merely sand.

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