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I Hope you Know That

Poetry By: Ienzo Darkness

The truth. No paragraphs.

Submitted:Jun 18, 2012    Reads: 46    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Love. What is love? What do we think of love? Do we think it of caring deeply for another,showing affection,or physically showing ourselves? For the truth is,real love is barely ever there. What we think of love is lust,want. Not care. We just trick ourselves into thinking that we care for another person. But all we really want is that physical need. That want. Love is not true. It is something to despise,to loathe. For that want will take over you,secretly tearing you apart on the inside. You say you love them. You tell them,day,after day,after day. Though deep down,a voice is screaming at you,shrieking,that you should tell them the truth,tell them that it's over. But that need will control you. Make you ignore that truthful voice. For the need,the lust,does not care about the truth. It just wants the pleasure that comes with another person. You cannot 'fall over heels' to another. Do not say that your heart has been swept up in this glorious fate. Because that is not true. It won't be true. It is NEVER true. All it ever is is lies. Stupid lies. Unforgiving lies. They say love can be like magic. But has anyone realised that......all it could ever be is just an illusion? Not an actual form of magic? Just a trick,a illusion? Because it most likely is. And people who have once been in a relationship,what has happened to you and your ex? Are you friends? Or do you never see them? If you don't see them,have you ever thought that it was because you meant nothing to them? Because that's more than likely the truth. The real fate of 'love'. Love is rare. At least true love is. And true love is so happy,so beautiful. Some things that people despise. Just imagine this. A quick,little thought. Just think this: Your virginity is like a flower. Such a special flower. One that holds power,and blessing,passion,hope and spirit. Now,would you pick this amazing flower for just anybody? One that holds so much? Because if you let someone take your virginity away,and you're not with them to this day,it was not true love. Nothing close to true love. It was all fake. It was only need. Only lust. Only the want,to be given that pleasure. And just think. You let yourself give yourself away like that. You only have one virginity. One flower. And you just picked it,and gave it to someone who does not deserve it. Don't you feel a little bad? That you gave yourself up in that way? Do you feel a pang of guilt? A twinge of sadness? Anything? Well I certainly hope you do. You let someone take something grand from you,and you just let them leave with it? You will never get your virginity back,and I hope you all know that,the next time you want that 'pleasure'. Once you give it away,it's gone forever,clinging to that person that you let take your virginity away from you. Also remember this: If the one that 'loves' you,hits you,leave them. No matter how much they say they're sorry,they will do it again. And if you end up fearing your 'true love',they will use that fear against you. I really hope you know that. Because if you don't,you will be used,so many times. Oh,and by the way. Just a little pointer. If you really do 'love' someone,don't tell them. Help them out whenever they need it,be their friend,and show great kindness. For if you tell them,whether they say they like you back or not,your heart will always be broken,with shards splintering you on the inside. It will hurt you terribly,and make you feel like life is not worth it. If you truly love someone,never tell them what your heart declares,no matter how strong that urge is. I hope you know that. Cause I certainly do.


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