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if mirrors could talk

By: jacque

Page 1, something i wrote in dedication to my dear friend

if mirrors could talk.... they would tell you that i write your name on them daily theyd say that you drive me crazy if mirrors could say anything at all they would say i stand infront of them taking a million pics a day trying to find the perfect picture to send to you today they would say you have me jumping up and down saying how i obsess over your eyes & how they are oh so sweetly brown and that i spend hours doing my make-up & hair just right because i keep thinking theirs a chance i might see you tonight oh,if mirrors could talk they would confess that i stare at my reflexion and imagine that next to me is your perfection if mirrors could speak they would say that i lock myself in the bathroom on the fone talking about you if they could talk if they could say anything,anything at all thay would say your in everything i ever do theyd say that i trully love you but never feel the way i feel about you


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