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A Lifetime Honeymoon

Poetry By: JJs Pen House

A wife waits to be disappointed by her love, but finds a lifetime honeymoon.

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I honestly don't know what he sees
every time he looks at me
I'm beautiful, that's his favorite line
I like to hear it, I don't mind
I know he really thinks I'm great
but hey, it's only our first date
he'll get past this honeymoon thing
it's bound to happen, but it's gonna sting

We're married now and every day
he comes home and has to say
how delicious I look with my oven mitts
he comes into my kitchen and then he sits
and watches me as I make our food
oh my gosh, he's in the mood
of course he is, but this will end soon
he's still on his honeymoon

Morning sickness, how bad can this get
when I throw up he won't let
me face it alone, he sits with me
and holds me while I'm on my knees
and helps me get back into bed
and covers me up and rubs my head
and sings to me such wonderful things
I feel better when he says the things
a pregnant woman loves to hear
like you look so beautiful, my dear
of course he's gonna play that tune
he's still on his honeymoon

the baby's here, we're up day and night
we're both exhausted but all is right
he makes sure me and baby are ok
when he is at work, she and I play
this morning before he left to teach
he said tonight we'd go to the beach
I told him he was crazy, have you seen my body
I have seen it and you're such a hottie
When I get home I'll have things to do
but first, I'm going to make love with you
because you are the most beautiful woman to me
I love you Rebecca why can't you see
how wonderful you make me feel
that's why I always try to steal
a few minutes here and there with you
because I'm so totally in love with you
he's so cute, this won't last
honeymoons always pass
then he'll play a different tune
he won't even notice me soon

Baby number two is on it's way
I feel so darn sick today
he didn't go in, he wants to stay
at home with us, and of course he'll play
with our little girl, while I get some rest
I am so lucky, he's the best
husband I could have ever asked for
when we go out, he still opens my door
Oh gosh, here it comes I'm not going to make it
oh I threw up, I'm dizzy, I'm sitting here naked
his hands are so gentle as he helps me into the tub
what I need now is a good back rub
and here he is washing my hair
rubbing my back, he doesn't care
how I look when my tummy is big
he always jokes and says, "I dig"
you when you're not feeling well
I know what to do, I can tell
what you need before you ask
don't worry I'm up to the task
of holding you up when you're sick
I can get you to the toilet in the nick
of time, don't worry love it doesn't bother me
I'm in love with you, you must see
the way I look at you throughout the day
it's why I say the things I say
you are so beautiful Rebecca Grace
I live every moment to see your face
of course he does, but it will end
eventually we'll just be friends
the way he looks at me won't last
I'm on my second child, this will pass
my body isn't what it used to be
I really don't know what he sees in me
of course it won't last, it'll end soon
heck, he's still on his honeymoon

I'm taking the kids to the grocery store
this is hard, they'll ask for more
than I can spend, they're like their dad
he spoils them rotten, but that's not bad
because he spoils me too, sometimes a lot
last week, he made a spot
for me and the kids on the floor by the tv
so we could be comfortable while watching a movie
he popped popcorn while we laid on the floor
and when we finished the first bowl, the kids wanted more
without a thought he was up and away
making more goodies while I watched the kids play
Oh no, I've had this feeling before
Oh my gosh, we're going to have one more
little one to take care of and raise
he's so happy, he loves to laugh and praise
God and all that he's done for our life
for sending him such a beautiful wife
She's given me so much to be grateful for
she's so beautiful, and luscious, I couldn't ask for more
of course he always plays those tunes
he's still on his honey moon!

the kids are growing fast it seems everyday
one of them learns a new word to say
my husband works so hard, and takes care of us
he's so tired at night, but he doesn't fuss
he rubs my feet, and looks into my eyes
he tells me he loves me, I'm really surprised
after all these years, he still thinks I'm hot
his eyes must be going, he doesn't notice I'm not
the beautiful woman, with the body I once had
after having three little ones, I don't look too bad
but he looks at me and with tears in his eyes
he tells me I'm so beautiful, I think he lies
my skin isn't satin, my hair doesn't glisten
my smiles' not as bright, but he doesn't listen
when I mope and whine about the way I look
he must be a nut case, last night he took
us all to the beach and we rolled around in the sand
and then he got up, looked into my eyes and took my hand
you are so beautiful Rebecca, it doesn't matter to me
that you don't see the things I see
you've made me so happy through all of these years
he gets all choked up, his eyes fill with tears
you've been my best friend, my love, my strength, my life
my hope, my dreams, my soul mate, and my wife
I couldn't have asked for a life better than this
If I could do it all over again I wouldn't miss
the chance to give you that first kiss
on that night where it all began
under the stars, we were just friends
but when I looked in your eyes that very first night
I knew that I'd love you forever, I was right
he'd do almost anything, he'd give me the moon
of course, he's still on his honeymoon

the children are gone now, life has been good
but as hard as I've tried I haven't understood
how he has looked at me all of these years
while pregnant, sick, overweight...now I'm in tears
he's loved me through every trial in life
he's never once complained about me being his wife
he comes home everyday and the first thing he'll say
I love you Rebecca, I thought about you all day
It's been decades since he bought my ring
sometimes at night I can still hear him sing
the love songs that that he'd sing to me
so long ago, I can still see
the way he used to look at me
because I see it everyday when I wake
he's next to me, for goodness sake
he wants to make love, he's so great
this feels so good, it makes me shake
after all these years, making love is so grand
he looks into my eyes, he holds my hands
I still lose my breath, after all these years
it feels so good, I hold back the tears
because I've finally realized how good it's been
he never made me feel like I was just a friend
even while I looked yucky during the baby years
he'd say wonderful things and quench my fears
he'd tell me every day how spectacular and beautiful I was
I used to think he'd say it just because
he was trying to make me feel good
just like a good husband should
he's loved me more than I could have ever thought
a love could be, his kindness and love has also taught
me one more lesson in life
that I've enjoyed being called his wife
because our lives have been so incredibly fun
through all the things that we have done
and come to think of it...I'm playing a new tune....
It's called, "I'm still on my honeymoon!"
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