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Chapter 2, Don't look now, an Angel!

By: JJs Pen House

Page 1, A guy describes the angel he\'s in love with and finally makes a decision to go for it!



Don't look now, an angel I see
with sex green eyes, I'm finally free!
With soft silky skin, and a beautiful smile.
Oh, I'm so glad that I held on for a while.
Look at her hair, look at her lips,
with beautiful full breasts, I love her hips,
especially the way they move when she walks.
I love to listen to the way she talks.
Her legs, her feet, the eyes, they please,
her arms, her hands, her fingers, her knees.
Her beauty? Amazing, so sweet, surreal
unbelievable, delicious, fantastic, I feel
like I could go on forever.
It really doesn't matter, whatever
she does, puts a smile on my face
light in my eyes, there's not a trace
of the void that I've felt.
The beauty she has dealt
has brought life to my spirit.
I couldn't get near it
'til I saw her that day.
I thought, no way
will I have a chance
to kiss or to dance
with this beautiful lady
so sweet and so lovely.
If she could just know me.
If she could just see me.
If we could just talk.
If we could go for a walk.
Maybe she'd find some of those things in me
that I feel every time that I get to see
a smile on her face, or the clothes she wears.
I want a place in the life that she shares
with everyone else who means something to her.
Whatever it takes, I'd be sure
to do whatever needs to be done.
I'm sure she'd see that I can be fun.
I'm not going to wait, I'm going to try.
I need her to see that I'm not a typical guy.
Off I go.....bye
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