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my very special friend

By: kachasheenicka savage

Page 1, i have a friend who is very important to me and to the others around him but i am not quite sure he sees how much of an importance he is not only to me but to his family to like his cousin he is very smart and at his age you would think hes immature silly and just goofy and doesn\'t know his mind but he does know his mind while know that it allows him to be goofy and that gets you to laugh with logic\'s behind it he can be a ass sometimes to but who isnt sometimes now i know it will never make a difference to him cause he will always see me as his cousin but i am not i am just his friend hes know for five years but if seeing me as family makes you happy then ill live with it but just know that i have loved you as a friend and more than that and always will no matter how much of a jerk you can be cause we are friends and friend see each other to the end and i am happy i made friends with you and that you consider me family to.

My very special friend

your my very special friend indeed you bring so many wondeful gifts to me like to laugh when i am to upset to smile to think when i have gone to far to have a dream as most should do to reach them at any cost is all you incourages us all with woundrful advise and try to help us all make it right you think of other before yourself and never way your mind to help those in need of your advise you stand strong among the best because you never lose sight of you needs to move forward never aginst learning something new to better your self sometime you go overboard and think you know it all but just how i see the best in people you do to you see right through me and tell me all you see even the things i try to hide but cant never keep them from you you hear me loud and clear always have i can tell you my world and never worrie where it will go you were there in my time of need when no could answer me to tell me the truth even when i wont take it but you listen to me and give the best advise you can give you alway have time to here me even tho i can be annoying your my true friend of the many that are close to me and that isnt to small or to bigg either and now it my turn to be there for you like you have been for me even when you act like it dont matter and never willing to except generosity but willing to give it if need be you are a great friend to those who know you even better to me as your friend and fake cousin lol but most importantly your the very special friend you learn from grow with love like your favorite family memeber or close person to you but no doubt very special friend to the end and with that all i can say is thank you so much for be there for me and everyone around you.

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