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nothiong really matter when i am around you

By: kachasheenicka savage

Page 1, it for someone who i think could be very speacial to me and they could contribute to my growth for life joy and love

Nothing really matter when i am around you

when you walk nothing matters and when you talk nothing really matters it just your smile that for a while captivates the true meaning of love at first it's either i talk to you or just stand there for a while staring at you wishing the words i could say would come out to you like thin air in a cool breeze of spring my head hurts sometime from all the thought i think see and imagine when the light hits your eyes i feel like i am losing my patience to wait for anything to move us along and i am so tempted to be by your side just to know your there i get the sweetest butterflies with color of red and pink i fantasize my whole world is new with you and i could never imagine losing you that i wonder about what could be will be it just the simplest of joie you bring out of my heart and send me in a whorl pool of twist and turns that are new and it is the sweetest bliss i feel so comfortable telling you my whole world knowing i never have to worrie you wont run or hide your there to tell me it will be ok your with me despite my flaw and it's so rare to find someone like you and in this world an honest person is hard to find so i guess i got lucky cause i found that and more in you with you i feel safe and i can say nothing really matters to me cause around you i can only here and see you in my mind and eyes and that smile for miles the eyes i just cant denie anything to you givemeso much peace knowing there isn't so much you need to do to make my feeling come alive its like the first bloom of a roses in may so stick with me and ill show you just what i mean when i say nothing really matters when i am around you .

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