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The Prince of Light

By: kagra15

Page 1, This is my boyfriend and I\'s special place

When the twilight falls,
The world becomes dark and the shadows creep from beyond,
As they enter our realm the Prince of Light fights,
He keeps them from coming and hurting his people,
He loves and protects those of his kingdom,
Teaching them to love and care,
He leads them with a loving fist,
Never letting them hurt,
Never letting the demons of the night harm them,
He fights with his heart and with his steal sword,
He has a loving Princess,
She fights by his side,
Taking care of those in need,
Never letting anyone hurt another person,
Making sure that all the enemies of their kingdom are at ease,
The two lovers love to sword fight for fun,
The have many things in common,
They are lovers beyond all compare.

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