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13 candles

By: koolc

Page 1, 13 Candles, 13 soy candles, in in a slite darken room,

13 soy Candles.

in a slight gathic darken room, a natural scent of wild berry,incent, frankincense, camphor, benzoin and myrrh.

for cleansing, good luck, romance, success and that magical spell of love. the sweet smell of candle scented rose,

fragrance, and the scent of jasmine and musk oil of love. Tonight this would be a ceremony and a sacrifice in the name of love,tonight i make a pledge for love.

tonight my heart will be a symbole of love, between u and i,as weput on or adornment,ourgathic attire from head to toe,symbolizes love,13 soy candles, for you my dear because i care, tonight i,

surrendered my will,my fears,and freedom, my still emotions to be extricate,and emancipate, my spiritas we burn13 soy candlesfor loveslowly for essential,good viberations,for ourinner,

peace unity,healing, and we exhale and inhale the feelings and power of togetherness u and i,gathic style,13 soy candle for us, for love.

tonight we will archive, and recieve the magic, and mystery of love,our desire for each other will be yet higher,until we reach the erogenous zone,

13 candles, burning for u and i, as we captured all the wonderful blessings of everlasting love,aah what better feeling.

13 soy candles for u and i my love.

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