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666 wishes

By: koolc

Page 1, 666 wishes just a fantasy

666 wishes,

mama said always give to the needy and not to the greedy,and to be true to ur self, wish for love and health, Dad said wish for riches beyond my wildest dream,

and so i wish for never ending love, perfect dreams, and imaginations of us, beinging in love like never before,I wish for all the little boys and girls to play in this city without fear, I wish for an

angel to always be near, i wish for summer in the middle of winter, I wish for autom in the middle of spring, and for all the joy it will bring, i wish for wild flowers,

to grow everywhere,I wish for love in the air, I wish for a bigger chest for my baby a special request she said, i wish for hope, and faith, i wish for a smile and,

many laughters on every face i see. I wish for free love for the world to see. 666 wishes and still many more for me and u.

666 wishes is all i wish for

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