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A penny a day

By: koolc

Page 1, A penny a day,fantasy

A penny a day,

A penny a day i tossed into that old wishing well, around the corner hoping to see my love again. I think its worth the cost,

for the love i've love and lost, my heart is so sad.oh how i miss her smiling face, I miss feeling her warm embrace, i miss her,

sweet unforgetable honey golden tasty, tender lips,i can still hear her soft whispering,

voice saying , I love you babyeach day,A penny a day i tossed into that old wishing well,cuz i miss her,love

oh how I need hersweet,enticing,exciting, love,I justneed to break this spell of loneliness, cuz i miss the small,of her beautiful skin,the very curve of her chin,

her like wild flowers,my sunfllower.,from her styling hair to her gorgeous feet,oh how i missthatsexy look upon her face.the way she walk,laugh

and talk, would always makes me smile with joy, A penny a day i tossed into that old wishig well, ohmoma said there'l be days like this,its alright son,maybe someday she'll return,

just keep on tossing yet another, and another, penny u"ll see you will soon dicovered, ur life will never be the same, because someday she'll come back home,

to ur arms again, but when my qurest heart said, a penny a day i still tossed into that old wishing well, for my love again.

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