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A Simple feeling call Love,

By: koolc

Page 1, A Simple feeling call love

Its Simply feeling we Call Love,

like a simple fregrance scented rose,,love can be a few unspoken words,kind deeds and thoughts,an open heart,its a start,

love is like the fresh winter breeze,but as warm as an embrace, a hug and gentle, is kindness,and emotions,a soul of compassion,

when two hearts emerge as one,love is all we need,its a prescription,a healing medication,a magic potion, love is an unyeilding,dedication,in the rite direction,

love is a special emotion and devotion,a world wide invitation,for lovers,to conveyed and share thier affections,though communications,and a deep conviction,a physical and spiritual penitration.Its this,

simple feelingthey call love,Its in the air,we breath,for all to achieve,and everywhere,love flys with wings of freedom,love is all the reason,like the four seasons,love is a jurney to extricate and eliberate ur body,mind and soul,

love is more than just a fantasy,its the soul of reality,its unbreakable,uncontrollable,friction of endless desires that ignite a fire, fromalittle spark, to a burning flame,hot,and spicy and eroticly,exclusively.

Its simply feeling we call love,its a bursting of joy and an over whelming, feeling,love is a simple touch,of passion,as we surrender our hearts,and life love is the one and only cure for loneliness,

its a simply feeling we call love,

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