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best friend

By: koolc

Page 1, My best friend

best friend,

You touch my soul in a very special way,just by the words you said, u make me always wanna stay,by ur side,

right now here today,cuz we are best friends,I hope this day would never end,i'm so happy for u,ur god send to me,ur an important part of my life.

oh my love my darling, your my best friend,here is my heart i give to thee,easy and free,cuz ur my reason for love,its our destiny,to be lovers but best friends

there's no u, there's no me,thats the way its gonna be,

but These are the reasons why we smile,laugh,chuckled, and cry,lets take a slow walk in the garden of love,here take my hand,lets erase the past of saddness,and bring joy..

and love today,oh this feels like real love, here is my soul i give,my voice to sing,lets live withspirit of love,for each other,cuz each time i see u its like a new beinging,

like love at first site,and love for the first time,u are my choice,by chosing forever,

ur my purpose to rejoice,cuz i am happy,lets slow dance, under the shadows of the moonlight, tonight just u and I,oh how kool is the love between us 2,me and u.

I know you'll understand the moment you take my hands,and ask me to be ur man,You touch my body oh,so tenderly,like a magic wand,my lover my best friend,

Thank you for caressing my heart and soul the way u did, best friend lovers until the very end.

lovers for life.

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