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dark torchered soul,

By: koolc

Page 1, Dark torchered soul,

Dark torchered soul,UU67

grieve, sorrows, hurt, pain,heartaches, saddness, lust and sin, curruptions, horror, misconseption,outside and within,

don't ask or tell for whom the bells tolls for, where here today, and gone tomorrow, like the wind strike terra though the thickness,

of the forest. Dark torchered souls, tormented,depress, and condem, an outcast death is like a friend you never had, just waiting with an evil sin,

dark and torchered souls, doom to hell,wasted time, that can never come back, too late to repel, black magic spells, tears and cheers,boos and radicules,rebellion in the millions

cold hearts, victimizations, that makes us hiverd and tremble with fear. the end is near,a thick clouds over shadows the skies,howling sounds of sad souls as they cried, dark torchered souls,in

the middle of the nite,screems for a drop of water,a thirst like never before its the end of the world,bloodon the moon,death has come at noon, tomorrow is so soon. his spirit has come home, free at last,

WELL COME HOME. dark torched soul ur free

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