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Darken shadows

By: koolc

Page 1, Darken shadows,

Darken shadows,

Darken shadows like figures they seems tofollow me,mabe its a figment of my imagination, or a premonition.

crazy thoughts of evil in my head, maybe its black magic they want me dead? mystical words they said,

From the credle to the greave,My life played out like a novel on stage,I can't win for losing, is it my choice of chosing,

Darken shadows like figures surround me, i can't seems to break free, my heart beats like the sound of an african drum.

I can't run my feet feel numb,they say its a crust or it might be ghost.

Darken shadows like figures, they hunt my dreams,no sound even when i scream,they say I need to wash in that river,

running to the stream, to be clean,Darken shadows like figure they comes out at night,could it be in my head,or should i follow the light.

Darken shadows its just a dream.

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