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dreamers like us.

By: koolc

Page 1, dreamer like us

Dreamers like us,

Dreamers like us are children of the sun, sons and daughters of the earth, love without convictions,or ristrictions,spreading goodlove is an addiction,.

Dreamers like us are children of the rainbow,spreading joy and happiness,to the four corners of theworld,to every heartsand souls, we dream of a better tomorrow today,

dreamers likeu and meare bless,withhands of faith,that will live forever, its part of our true endeavor,and desire,to search for passion and,oh timeless.and forever love so unique

andunspeakable, so let dream of paradise,love joy and heavens surprise,lets dream of peaceon earth,we are dreamers of the sun, moon and stars,our voices willechobeyond the skies..

Dreamers likeyou and me are soul brothers and sisters of theearth,bombastic and fantastic, enthusiastic,and artistic, we live for love, we are made to love.simply remarkable.

Dreamers likeu and mewill for ever more shine like the sun,yet we roar like the lions, but gentle as a lamb, we respect, all the gloryof gods creation, and the beautyof nature.

dreamers like u and me are souls of reality, we are soldies of peace, believers of freedom, lovers without limit,,I am a dreamer but im not the only one.

would u like to be a dreamer too.

dreamers like us will never die.

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