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Here's A black rose for love,

By: koolc

Page 1, A black rose for love

Here's A black rose for love,

Your smile from my hello, makes my heart loves you even more, as it glows,with passion,to see u smile so shyfully is naturally, so sexy to me,kiss me softly my love sensually real slow,oh my love.

here's a black rose for you, my dear, for love. In my dreams the visions of u, will always appear, I care I swear for know one else,but u,my love,this i know is ture,Oh how i,wish for ur tender arms around me, each day

forever,to hold me,instintively,exclusively, eachtime i close my eyes,oh i just want to be touch by u,feel by u,and caress by u,oh how i crave,and ache and yurn for you. There are so much things that we can do, i can't wait,

to show u,my secret love garden,i'll give my all expressively, Anxiety is almost killing me,waiting for ur love,i just wanna be love by u. Here's A black rose for love,from my heart to urs. To love u more is my destiny,let me kiss ur hands,

and taste ur candy lips,as we giggled,and laugh and carry on like lovers do. just the two of us,we can make it,if we try,cuz. in my dreams,ur my fantasy,my ecasty,my reality,myhearts desire lustfully, let my love take un a natural,

high, oh baby ur my forever,i promise i'll be ur everyman,i'll set ur soul on fire,But here's a black rose for love,from my heart to urs, cuz i wantto love ur body mind and soul,until the day we grow old,cuzI am ready for love. I need u,

baby ur smile,from my hello is so infectiously special,hypnotizing,mesmerizing,and magnnetizing,spellbinding, accommodating,but never ending,oh here's a black rose for love from my heart to urs, my love,


you make my love bloom,and blossom and glow with grace, and beauty of love,here's a black rose for you my love, I love u.

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