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I am the dark angel.

By: koolc

Page 1, I am the dark angel

I am the dark angel,

A man is dead, a new born baby is born, on my head is a golden crown, that is made of thorns

In my right hand is the power of ten men, in my left is a hammer made of steel,

On my feet are my gears, ready for the streets, as i struggled withfighting and killing anddefeating my enimies.

On my side is my sheild for protection, against, the na sayers, the haters,and evil doers,thedreams steelers.

I am the dark angel

My jurney is long,.and full of obsticles,bloody palms and crooked arms, evil and the devil everywhere.

i have a million souls to liberate, but a million more to castrate, I am the dark angel, i'll travel far,to where u are,

on a path of destruction, and unveiled reverlation, my mission is,mysterious but optimism,so i speak for the weak.

I feel the pain of any and everyone,and the strainof many, who depends on me to make wrongs right, and so i fight,

I am the dark angel.

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