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I believe in love,

By: koolc

Page 1, I believe in love,

I believe in love,

For the passsion and thrills, I believe in destiny.u and me, fun and laughter,I believe in a soft love songs,

I believe in faith, i believe in the beauty of life, a romantic poem,dreams,rite &wrong,fairy tales,love's rhythm and rhymes

I believe in the comfort of love, the twinkle in your eyes,its like the beauty of paradise,i believe in ur tears even when u cried.

I believe in erotic fantasies, magic trinkets and beautiful antiques,i believe in the feelings of love, the art and throughts of sweet love,

I believe in sensuality,love and reality,a touch of your lips and hands,all over my body,i believe in sex, love, lust, kisses,and wishes

I believe in spirituality, mediocrity,curiosity, democracy,liberty,and redemption,the way u walk so seductively,ur style and sexy smile.

I believe in your charms, each time you put ur arms around me,I believe in love, so tenderly.the glory of the skies,oh me oh my.

i believe in, a simple rose,even when u strike a pose,wisdom,liberation, and understanding, i believe in freedom.

i believe in the sunshine,to give to love and to be kind,i believe in nature,cuz i am colored blind,

i believe in heaven, the stars and music,i believe in the rainbow,and growing old,

i believe in the mystery and theory of evolution. i believe in love&,money,

i believe in a strong heart the glitter and glamor of gold

i believe in me,and u cuz we've got soul.

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