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I choose love

By: koolc

Page 1, I choose love,

I choose love,

I choose love, so i could cuddle,and cradle ur emotions,wipe ur tears when you cry, I say hello and not goodbye,

I choose love, always and forever,to be with you, to love you tenderly, now and for eternity,I choose your love,over anything,over money and even a diomond ring.

I choose love, extasy,and romance,cuz its necessary to always give love yet a second chance, to smile again just u and i,

I choose love,cuz i like the way u tease,and please me.i am ready to achieve, and to recieve ur sensual feeling like no other can,just u and me .

I choose love, for your friendship,companion, and for ur your sweet laughter,ur compassionandsyle,your fantasies will always bemy reality,

I choose love,always and for ever, wether our journy takes us near or far,or never,I 'll always be where you are,

I choose love, your love.i choose you.

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