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Im a thug,

By: koolc

Page 1, Im a thug,

I am a thug,

i live for the moment,where life and deathare just a hair line away,but even a thug needs a hug sometimes.

i cried in the dark, hoping the shadows will hide my tears,my heart is heavy like a million pounds of led, maybe i am.

better off dead, many people said, somtimes i am ashame of what i am, but i can't ran away from who i am, cuz even a thug,

needs a hug, every now and again.please don't feel pity for me,show me love if u see me,maybe i played the hands i was given,

mybe its my destiny,so don't judge me.only god can judging me,maybe u can cure me, by giving me back my soul and my dignity,the very thing u took from me, u scorn me,

and cast me out, maybe u can heal me, by just hug me, cuz even a thug needs a hug . maybe sociate fail's me,or mabe its my hood,mentality,they say i am a cancer, but wat do they know,

theythink theyhave all the answers,maybe iam misunderstand, cuz i take from the rich and give to the poor,maybe i m my own cure,i am emontionless, i wear a bullet proof vest,that,

covers my belly and my chest, but even a thug needs a hug every now and again.I am a thug living inside me.

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