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Imagine the sunshine,

By: koolc

Page 1, Imagine the sunshine

Imagine the sunshine,just u and me,

Imagine the sunshine spreading all over the horizen,over the hills, mountains and trees.

Imagine the sunshine itsour extra life line for love,just for the two of us,as weexhale,and inhale,oh good morning sunshine,

and good day to u too.oh howwe love u , im so thankful for u,as u shine on me,thank u for greeting us each day with a smile,ur so warm and cuddly,

thanks for caressing,our minds body and souls,thanks for shieling us from the cold. Imagine the sunshine into ur hearts, as wego along the way,imagine the

sunshine like gold,on our faces, and everywhere the birds can sing again, today its no more rain, i just cant wait for the break of darwn, imagine the sunshine,no more pain,

but im thankful for all the day dreamers like u and me, as we soak up the sunshine,imagine the sunshine, cuz no more will it hide behind the clouds, my smile is permanent stain,

its because of the sunshine,again so beautiful just for me and u.

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